Event Plan Template

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Table of Contents

Event Management Plan


1. Event Overview

2. Event Details

3. Event Management Staff

The Event Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the overall event. The Event Coordinator should be an individual who is contactable at all times whilst the event is in progress.

List three other contacts below. These should be senior members of the organising committee who will be in attendance on the day/s of the event.

4. Key Contacts



5. Vendor/Performer Contact List

6. Equipment / Technical Data

7. Coordination and Communications

8. Event Coordination Centre and Communications

9. Traffic Management

10. Alcohol

11. Toilets

12. Waste Management

13. Site Plan

14. Event Timeline

15. Emergency Management Plan

16. Emergency Management Personnel

17. Emergency Management Processes

18. Emergency management briefings

19. Emergency Communication protocol and method

20. Incident Reporting Process

21. Lost Person Procedure

22. Emergency Meeting Point

23.Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment